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TPLR Honey Farms - Established 1979

Celebrating Over 37 Years

TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. was formed in 1979 by Tim & Pam Townsend. Starting with 600 colonies, we have since expanded to 3,100 colonies for honey production. We abide by the highest hive management practices available.

TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. is also CFIA registered as a “Producer-Grader”, and we implement the standards of the new Canadian Bee Industry Quality Safety Traceability Program in our honey production procedures.

Our current markets are Canada, the United States, and Japan.  We are currently working to expand into Taiwan, China, and Russia.  TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. is also a member of Beemaid Honey.

TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. is operated by Tim and Pam Townsend, along with their son Lee and his wife Elise. We are proudly located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.

Bees Survive On Honey In The Winter

Bees work hard all summer to ensure they’ll have enough honey to sustain the hive through the winter. During the colder months, bees occupy their time by clustering themselves around the queen and shivering their bodies to fill the hive with warmth. All that shivering burns a lot of calories, so honey makes for the perfect high-energy diet.

Exporter of Quality Alberta & Canadian Honey

We currently export the finest honey available from Alberta and Canada across the world. We only export honey from TPLR Honey Farms Ltd., as well as other producers that meet the same quality standards as our own. Located below are our newest brochures in Japanese, Traditional Chinese and English.




Due to our active involvement with the creation of the Canadian “On Farm Food Safety” (OFFS) program for the Canadian honey industry, we have been able to incorporate many of the requirements of this program in our operation.  For more information regarding the development of this program, please refer to the following information from the Canadian Honey Council (CHC) website.

Canadian “OFFS” Website

All of our  honey exports to Japan meet the requirements of the “Export Protocols for Alberta Honey going to Japan”.  This document was created by the Alberta Beekeepers Commission, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, the Alberta-Japan Office and Japanese honey buyers.  The requirements for exporting honey to Japan are among the highest in the world, and Alberta is the only province in Canada to take the initiative to comply with these requirements.

Alberta Japan Export Protocols

To ensure that our honey is stored and shipped in the safest manner possible, all of our honey is packaged in brand new 45 gallon steel drums that are certified for food use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  These barrels also comply with the Canadian barrel standards as stipulated by the CFIA and the Canadian Honey Council.

Canadian Barrel Standards

TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. has been located within Parkland County for over 30 years.

We have also been serving the needs of Parkland County, local landowners and farmers for longer than any other apiary in Parkland County. This experience has allowed us the opportunity to develop and maintain strong relationships within the community. The relationship TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. has with local land owners and farmers is very important to us. We continue to strive to meet the requests of the landowners and the farmers and are the only apiary in Parkland County that has this mandate.


Canadian Honey Council

Beekeepers Commission of Alberta

Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Honey

Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development - Apiculture

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